Tumble Information

Cost: $65 per month for 1 class a week or $100 unlimited classes

1st time is free! Come join us for a free trial class!

Class Times

  • Beginner Tumble – Wednesday 4pm or Saturday at 9am
  • Level 1 – Mondays 6pm, Tuesday 5pm, or Saturday 10am
  • Level 2 – Mondays 7pm or Saturday’s 11am
  • Level 3 – Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 7:30pm, or Saturday 11am
  • Level 4 – Monday 8pm

Please see below for details on each level. All athletes must master ALL class appropriate skills prior to moving to the next skill level, no exceptions. All skills mastered builds to the next skill. Proper form and technique are vital to growth in tumbling and most important, to prevent injury. WFAC staff will communicate level change when applicable.

Class Names and Descriptions:

Beginner Tumble: (ages 4-8 & slower pace) • Forward roll • Backwards roll • Cartwheels • Round off • Back/Front walkover •

Level 1: • Same skills taught in Beginner Tumble • More independent during circuits

Level 2: • Standing back handspring • Round back handsprings • Multiple handsprings

Level 3: • Standing Tucks • Round off, back handspring, tuck • Round off, double handsprings tuck • Front punch

Level 4: • Layouts • Fulls • Double fulls •

Information and Common asked questions:

  • If you would like to try a free trial class, we suggest you start with either our Beginner Level (for our younger tumblers ages 4-8yrs) or Level 1 for 6yrs+.
  • Our classes are based on skills, not age. We have a variety of ages in each level (1-4).
  • If you are not sure of your level, please ask an instructor to help guide you in the proper class.
  • We do ask you to pick a day to regularly attend your proper level class. Pick the class that is most convenient for your schedule. You will be added to that days attendance roster, but we do allow you to make up classes.
  • There are no obligations or contracts. This is a month by month tuition. We do ask you contact us before the 15th of the month to put your account on hold or withdraw. You can email us or fill out a “Stop Payment” form.
  • Paperwork required: Registration/Waiver and Autodraft form. These can be found under the “Paperwork” section or are located at our desk. You must fill out the waiver before participating in class.
  • You are drafted on the 1st of the month
  • There is a $35 registration fee
  • What does my tumbler wear? Please wear whatever is comfortable. (Athletic shorts, tanks/T-shirts.) Some of our younger athletes wear leotards. We do ask that you are modest and wear proper undergarments. Our cheerleaders are required to wear cheer shoes, but many tumblers go barefoot.
  • Where do I go? What do I do? If any paperwork needs to be handed in or you have any questions – please find the window at the far end of the gym. Someone will be at the desk to help. Once all paperwork is complete – Parents may have a seat in our observation seats. Tumblers, please have a seat on the gray section of the mat and stretch. An instructor will start class with laps and warmups.
  • Each tumbler must check in with the instructor who is taking attendance.
  • We do sometimes have to alter our tumble schedule because of cheer clinics/camps/competitions. Please refer to our monthly calendars for changes in our regular schedule.