Cheer Information

New To WFAC:

We are just starting our practices with our new 2019/20 teams. We have already had our evaluations, but our rosters are not closed yet. We would be happy to have you come in for a free tumble class and set up an evaluation for you.
We usually have our new cheerleaders start at a Level 1 Tumble class. If you feel you should attend a more advanced class, please let us know. (See “Tumble Information” page for more details.)
In June/July we have 1 practice a week and 1 Tumble class a week. We also will have some tumble and Stunt clinics and also our choreography camp.
Starting Aug 1 we will move our teams to 2 practices a week and 1 Tumble class. 
The cost depends on the team placements. Our Evaluations are $75.

You can see some information on this site under the other pages and post. Or please come into the gym for a free tumble class and we can answer questions and give you additional information.

Please email any cheer related questions to: